Shot Darts – Now Available in Store

About Shots Darts:

The Shot Darts story begins in 1970 – a family owned company with ideas on bringing accessibility and accuracy into Darts.

Within a short time, we were designing ground breaking products with a distinct difference, like the world’s first bladed dart board.

Our global reputation is built by a production and design team with 150+ years of combined experience and total commitment to quality. This heritage is matched by the agility to set new standards with advanced tooling technology and innovative design.

Our darts are designed, crafted and sampled in house by hand, refined by cutting edge CAD software, then tested by uncompromising players for accuracy.  From here, they’re sent round the world, into the hands of pros, weekend warriors and the next generation of young guns.

Each dart runs a gauntlet to bear the Shot Darts name. From machining, coating to machine pointing, laser etching, inspection and packing – every 90% tungsten barrel is precision crafted and match weighted to within +/- .05gm.

We stand behind every tungsten dart with a lifetime barrel guarantee.

We also believe in growing from the grassroots. While we sponsor some of the best pro dart players we’re dedicated to developing the game, starting with our Young Guns programme.

Shot Darts. Crafted to last, built to win.