How long has RR Games been in business?

RR Games has been in business for 35 years in the Berks County area, locally owned and operated.

Does RR Games have its own installation crew?

YES. We have the most experienced crews in the Tri-State area, they are RR Games employees, not sub-contractors.

What brand pool tables does RR Games carry?

RR Games proudly sells Olhausen, C.L. Bailey, Presidential, Connelly, California House, and Imperial Pool Tables. Olhausen tables are manufactured in Portland, TN.

Do all of RR Games suppliers use three-piece matched slate?

YES. All of our manufacturers use ONLY matched, framed, backed slate, recognized as the best in the world.

Is all of RR Games 1” slate a full 1” thickness?

YES. All of our slate is 1” framed. Many of our competitors will use 7/8” unframed material.

Do all of RR Games pool tables have a center beam support?

YES. RR Games only sells pool tables with a center beam support system for cabinet stability and slate support.

Are RR Games table cushions sanctioned by the BCA (Billiards Congress of America)?

YES. The BCA specifically states, “All billiard cushions shall have a control fabric molded to the top and base area of the cushion.” Don’t be fooled by new, gimmicky billiard cushions.

Does RR Games offer a variety of wood types and finishes?

YES. RR Games offers the widest selection of stains and wood species, as well, many custom finishes are available upon the customer’s request.

What type of table fabric does RR Games use?

RR Games uses Championship Billiard fabric, a blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon. It is designed for long life and available in more than 25 colors. Worsted cloths are available for an extra charge.

Does RR Games have a variety of styles and color options for pockets?

YES. RR Games offer many standard choices of pockets for our tables. We also offer custom pockets.

Can RR Games design custom tables?

YES. Through our American manufacturers we are capable of offering multiple leg, rail and blind options.

How long will it take for delivery once the order is placed?

RR Games has many of the pool tables in stock and normal delivery is within one week. If the order is a special order, it is usually within 3 weeks.