About Us

RR Games

RR Games has been serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and the surrounding areas home and business recreation needs since 1975, and offers you the largest selection of pool tables and other game room toys, in what is perhaps the most unique showroom in the U.S.

At RR Games, we are proud to offer one of the largest variety of pool tables in the market including Olhausen, C.L. Bailey, Presidential, Connely, Valley, California House and Imperial. We show the tables in a game room environment.

At RR Games we offer a competitive price and service to meet all your game room needs.

We want everyone in the state to buy their game room furnishings from us, that’s why we invite you to shop our competition and compare our quality, our service, and our prices to any other dealer in the area. We want your business and we believe that when you really compare, you’ll find that RR Games and its people are your best buy in home and business recreation.

RR Games